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our space, your space
co-working space
Are you looking for the perfect place to work on your business or idea? We offer flexible co-working seats without the expenses of an office. You'll also have access to all our facilities.
office space
Are you a startup or innovative organization looking for your own private office or innovation lab? Our building offers space for over 30 startups to connect you with talent and innovation.
meeting space
We have eight different meeting rooms and two large event spaces. All our rooms have their own character and style. Have you ever wanted to meet on the beach or in a forest? Our creative rooms are perfect for brainstorm sessions, meetings and events.
start small, think big
open space
Are you interested but wondering what it is all about? You are always welcome to work in our public open space. You surely will run into awesome people who might be able to help, and give you a tour around the building while you're at it.
stand-up, startup, scale-up
Next generation companies are already taking over the world. These companies are characterized by their fast growth, agility, scalability and use of new technologies. We know this as no others and are helping new and existing companies to adopt to this new world.
community meetups
Sharing is caring. We support every initiative to share knowledge and skills, by organizing freely accessible meetups for our community. And if you're willing to share some of your own, we will help you in every way we can.
open innovation
create a challenge
Many companies struggle to innovate. They lack a fresh perspective or required resources. These companies can reach out to our community to get on the right track.
join a challenge
If you want to make a meaningful contribution while learning a lot in the process, you might be interested to join our team of independent specialists. We bring together experts to work on a challenge, which could end up as a startup where you take a part in.
one for all, all for one
in good company
We already work together with many forward-thinking companies.
join as a business member
Do you want to support our community while having direct access to our team of specialists, knowledge and facilities? You can become a business member and enjoy all these advantages to innovate your company.
September 20 — IBM: Emotion and Pose detection
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Have you seen the live emotion and pose recognition demo at our booth during Tweakers Developer Summit? We will show you how it works and how to rebuild it for yourself.

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September 18-19 — Investment and trade mission with Smart region Binh Duong
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For local business and business owners we make it possible to join and meet the delegation of the investment mission with the smart region Binh Duong in Vietnam. The program gives business owners the possibility to explore new markets and build a new network and relation with one of the fastest growing places in the world. If you are interested to join please book a ticket. This event is free for business members of there new business ecosystem.

Wednesday 18 September 2019
15:30 pm - 18:00 pm Start program and visit factory northern Netherlands
19:30 pm Diner
Thursday 19 September 2019
9:30 am - 12:00 am Business seminar "Doing business and Investment Opportunities in Binh Duong, Vietnam"
Introducing and presentation of Friesland and doing business in Northern Netherlands
19:30 pm - 22:00 pm Diner
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October 9 — 1nspiring workshop
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Een workshop voor ondernemers en organisaties met een idee of plan om te groeien!

De 1nspiring workshop is erop gericht bestaande en nieuwe ondernemers en organisaties te leren ondernemen volgens de Lean startup wijze. In de toekomst en nieuwe wereld gaat het om het innovatief vermogen, de snelheid van ontwikkelen en het schaalbaar maken van oplossingen. Om hier op een praktische manier invulling aan te leren geven is het 1nspiring programma ontwikkeld. Tijdens deze drie uur durende workshop wordt je aan de hand van oefening en coaching geholpen bij je (verdere) groei. De workshop is zowel geschikt voor traditionele ondernemers, entrepreneurs en startup/scale up ondernemers.

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about us
living dreams together
With 3.000 m² of working space, we are the largest new business ecosystem of Northern Netherlands.

Our organizational team is small, dedicated and independent. It consists solely of entrepreneurs driven by passion and values. This makes there different than the rest.

We care about the world, but the North in particular. We are worried about the current situation of the North and its lack of adaptation of technologies. It's not too late, but we need to pull out all the stops to keep up.

This is our way to contribute. If you want to help, we welcome you with open arms.