Are you ready for your first step into the new world? Create your own startup with the help of there constructors. We believe anything is possible, so challenge yourself, your team and your company. there constructors will teach you to think and work like a startup. It’s a cheaper and more effective way to innovate your product and service. Or do you have an idea and do you want to challenge its possibilities in the market? Then go there and call for a challenge! If you dare!

Become a businesspartner

Get access to the online and offline there community, free events, workshops and meetups!

€495 yearly

Constructor program

Why not start a startup yourself? there constructors teach you and your colleagues to think and work like a startup.

Futureproof your idea!

Chellange our community with your problem and we will build a startup-based solution.

Our mission

@ there we support and encourage anybody to develop their business and innovative ideas. And not the boring way of thinking about an idea but we do, we build, we create!

Our community and program facilitates creative and innovative entrepreneurs. We are independent of subsidies and other public investments. Our power lies in the support and acceleration of innovation. For that, we take a small share in the developed startups and allow the rest of the development team to distribute the rest of the shares. They will remain the owner of the startup.

What if i fail?

Congratulations! In open innovation there is no such thing as failure. Market-mismatched business models provide insights in what the customers or market actually requires. The experimental process of Build, Measure, and Learn creates constant value. Do or do not, there is no try!

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