Meeting & event spaces

Brainstorming in an indoor and natural setting. Book one of our creative rooms and get the creative juices going of you and your team. You can book a day at the beach or go on an adventure in our jungle room.

Your team will get:

  • An awesome atmosphere
  • Fast wifi
  • there food and beverage service
  • High tech coffee
  • Green board (no white board ;))
  • Big screen TV displays
  • Comfy chairs

The golfcourse

There is no better place to enjoy then the golfcourse. Do you want to train your puttingskills and talk with your team and collegaes how to create or build an amazing new project book the golfcourse.


Train you putting skills and book this meetingroom for 1-4 people

The bambooforrest

I need more time to think. What can you do? Maybe a walk trough the forrest can help you to find the idea’s and solutions. The bambooforrest is in inspiring brainstorm and meeting  room which can give you the feeling of a walk in the forrest.


Smell the forrest and book this meetingroom for 1-6 people

The cathedral

Always impressive to see a building that is massive and unique. On vacation I always visit the local hotspots. the cathedral of there is an unique theater for seminars, presentation or event.


Build an unique event and book this meetingroom from 1- 200 people.

The park

Some quality time for your self and your team. In this hectic time we all look for a silent and relax spot in the city. No better place than the city park. A place where you can find flowers and trees and a serene atmosphere to think about your work and project.


Relax and and book this meetingroom for 1-16 people.

The beach

Can you imagine the atmosphere of the beach? there is a place at the beach which will bring you and your team in a whole other atmosphere. The beach s the perfect place for a meeting or brainstorm. Imagine what a warm breeze, real sand and a beach chair will bring you and your team.

Feel free and book this meetingroom which is available for 1-8 people

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